Brief Artist Biography 

I’ve been making art more than sixty years. I went to art school for a year, worked in graphic arts, design and printing production for 7 or 8 years; back to college at age 28, got a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and computing. Later an MS in geography specializing in remote sensing and computer mapping.
For over thirty years I made my living as a software developer, programming GPS and mapping products, which included a twenty-year run on a small, expert team building the world’s finest spacecraft ground control and test system (ASIST) for NASA. Throughout my career I continued to develop my drawing and painting skills.
It was during the most-boring three years of that work that I gained self-assurance as an artist. With new responsibilities, I had to attend many long, badly run meetings to "show our commitment to our customer." I remained sane by taking my sketchbooks and filling four volumes with doodles, drawings, and candid portraits. Anyway, I’m retired and still drawing.