Visual Notes: Bryce Raven Canyon NP
Full frame photo plus black sidebars = 3:4 aspect

Good for big canvas,

Maybe something like this in a 30x40, sidebars, sky,

smudged digitally

Same raven, different light

Lower beak looks impaled by wire or nail

Raven at Bryce Raven Canyon National Park, Utah, 2015.
Raven Canyon started. Graphite, clear gesso on canvas

10x20, 2 inch wrap canvas, paintable

Raven Canyon, first application of paint, 1/29/2024
Digital Raven sketched over 1st oil
Digital Raven sketched over 1st oil, #2
Raven Canyon progress, class of 2/5/24, all oil paint
Digital over previous oil
Digital, Where painting goes, fix sky, clouds
Mothership Discharges Static
Bypass over a dying corner

White blocks stand in for the high-rise carving kurinuki style